Q&A: How often should I text a girl I like?

Question by Alex: How often should I text a girl I like?
I met this girl at a party the other night and got her number (we’re both 16), I was going to wait a day or two then text her, but she texted me the next night and the day after that. I want to initiate some conversations to show her that I’m interested in her, but I don’t want to be texting her every few hours and seem needy or desperate, so what do I do?

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Answer by RAbz
just text her casually, but stop immediatly if she starts giving one word answers and seems disengaged

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  1. text her about 12 hours after your last conversation. thats just a random number i through out there but it sound average to me. or text her a little sooner. as long as you dont try to start a conversation 5 or 7 times a day, you will be fine. text her when you think she isnt busy. then when the conversation is over, wait till she texts you, or find an excuse to text her. like you have to wait in line for something. as long as you dont text too often, you will not bother her.

  2. Your ahead of the game at 16, good for you. Yes, you’re right you should never come off needy or desperate to a girl. Girls like challenges and guys who constantly texts girls are the guys with no game. Always text her much less than she texts you. She’ll wonder where you are and want your attention. You don’t need to have long drawn out conversations, only girls do that. Text her with short responses and offer to meet up when you can. When you meet up is when you can start flirting with her and make your move. Texting is simply a precursor to meeting up. Rambling for hours through text isn’t going to build attraction. You should have more important things to do, as a guy, than constantly text a girl.

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