Q&A: How often and long should u text a girl?

Question by Jon: How often and long should u text a girl?
I just lost a girl to this I think we talked and she would get mad or ask y I took so long to respond so eventually we started texting allday ever day for awhile them she just randomly stoped talking to me and avoids me in college classes now and is talking to someone on my team after a week ago everything was normal. So how offtem should u text and girl and stuff

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Answer by Progressive
This has been my biggest mystery lately.
It seems like they have a constant creep scanner that is merciless for false positives.

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  1. As a girl i enjoy cute funny txts alot. But if you txt any girl unless they’re super needy, it just gets anoying all the buzzing and beeping of your phone. I also like it when NO GUY unless its an emergency txts me before 10 am and after 8 pm. and respect a girl dont advance to fast!!! and if she says she needs 2 study let her… i know me and i need 2 🙁 cant fail biology and god knows i can make it through math

    Anymore questions 4 me cuz u know i am a girl and can answer all <- your questions (well about girls) POST THIS AS THE BEST ANSWER AND THEN POST ON HERE U HAVE A NEW QUESTION AND GIVE ME THAT LINK!!

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