Q&A: how many times to text a girl a week?

Question by : how many times to text a girl a week?
im trying to hook up with this girl and get closer with her.

how many times should i text her a week to show interest? everyday? 2-3 times a week?

i plan on texting her over the week and then on friday we’ll go on a date just so it doesnt seem out of nowhere.

gimme ur opinions please!

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Answer by JH89
i text this girl daily and she thinks i’m weird.

that’s fine because i am weird, i dgaf. as long as she knows i like her

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  1. Sounds good man. Keep the conversations light over text. Casual small talk designed to make her laugh and enjoy hearing back from you. Sometimes I’ll text a girl all throughout the day and we’ll get in to deep conversation and then it makes it uncomfortable when we meet because you feel more open texting things you normally wouldn’t say out loud.

    But it sounds like you have experience with sort of thing anyways so good luck to you.

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