Q&A: How long should I wait to text her again?

Question by Jones: How long should I wait to text her again?
I texted this girl I like on her birthday on the 8th saying happy birthday and she actually replied saying thanks and asked how my summer was going and then we had a little text conversation. Now I’m wondering how long I should wait to text her again, hoping to ask her to hang out this time??

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Answer by LilMisCutie
you could do it now! it doesnt really matter. just dont bug her evryday. haha. she’ll think its sweet. good luck boyy!

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  1. no specific amount of time needed… just send her a text now (either she will hang out or wont… timing has nothing to do with it)

    do it now 🙂

  2. just text her and say hey whats up and see if she replys and if she does say hey do you wanna hang out sometime

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  3. If i were you i would wait a few more days cuz you don’t want to seem too interested.
    Good luck
    P.s- Girls like the chase 🙂


  4. asap look girls arent into this playing games just do it now!! im sure she wouyld love to hear from you and i bet you get a reply straight away i bet she is hoping u to text!

    stop playing games
    just do what you feel like when you feel like it
    cut the crap
    she will appreciate you more for it

  6. now is fine just dont bug her everyday just maybe like every few days and ask her if she wants to go to the movies sometime and maybe say with some friends then like a week later tell her that yall should hang out alone

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