Q&A: How do you keep a girl interested in you?

Question by joe: How do you keep a girl interested in you?
Im a really nice guy to every girl i meet. I text all the girls and they respond back. I dont know how to get a girl to stay interested because there would be one day where we just dont talk at all or i would text the girl and she wouldnt respond. How do you keep that girl interested??

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Answer by Heather
Shake it up. Change the conversation. Talk about a book she likes or a movie. But sometimes girls are just fickle. I being one know this first hand. Some days I want to talk, others I just want to be alone. It’s normal. Just keep texting her a little bit. Not too much, you’ll annoy her if your constantly texting her but every once in a while is alright.

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  1. Well if you are interested in the girl you gotta pursue her until she gives in lol. Some girls are still very old fashioned and still believe in the guy coming up to her and contacting first. If you like this girl text her even if you cant see her that night but its nice to know that at least you’re sending a message here and there to see what she is up to. If you dont text it might seem like you dont care or like you’re not interested anymore. You gotta let her know you are interested otherwise how would she know? If you cant keep them interested they will loose interest and find someone else.

  2. ya… keep the conversations interesting and don’t repeat the same conversations over and over again. sometimes when this on guy textes me he always says the same stuff so sometimes im too lazy to text him back if i know that the conversation will just be the same.
    good luck

  3. Mix things up.
    Don’t start off every conversation with hey what’s up or what are you doing, ect.
    Get to know little things about her and use it to your advantage.
    I talked to this guy, and I was completely about to blow him off.
    The day before we were talking about how I liked a little mystery. The next day he texted me saying, “Hey Nancy Drew(:” It made me smile, kept me interested. Made me realize that he was paying attention to what I had to say, and that he wasn’t such a predictable guy.
    Be sure to keep the conversation going. Ask questions. Be bold.
    Girls like when guys are outgoing, and fun.
    Personality is the key. It’s what keeps us interested.

  4. ask her what she likes in a man

    what makes her happy

    what would she change about her family

    have she ever experimented

    say what kind or dog you have if she dont have one ask her what kind would she like

    whats her favorite subject

    have a spelling test

    look for a site you can go on to play games against eachother on the enter net most times they have the texting box


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