Q&A: How do you get a girl to text back?

Question by sonicspeed_797: How do you get a girl to text back?
I always text this girl and I’m like “Hey, whats up?”. i don’t know it looks like i need a better conversation starter. It seems hard to get her to text back. help pleeeeeeease.

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Answer by Raquelle
if shes not texting back, she’s not interested. move on 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Q&A: How do you get a girl to text back?”

  1. omg i have the same problem but with a guy lol! the guy that i text just stops texting me… so if she doesnt text back, shes either bored with you or doesnt wanna talk to you.

  2. Say something random or funny :p My gf doesn’t respond to “Hey, what’s up?” type of texts, but she does when I start off with something completely out of the blue, like “Chicken, eheheheh, I’m going to eat you” (Gir quote) XD

  3. if u realy like her t=den u hav 2 choices 1 let her go 2 find wat interests her and use dat 2 ur advantage also find out her fav things and get close 2 her friends trust me i got 2 girls by doin dat

  4. Well, you should just be patient, you can’t really do much to make her text back, but if you crowd her, she will become annoyed.

  5. The #1 reason people don’t respond to text messages is because they don’t have anything to reply to. It is difficult to start a good conversation with 1-4 worded sentences. If you are texting her for a reason, make sure you put that reason somewhere in the text message, rather than sneaking it into the middle of the conversation.

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