Q&A: How do I tell if a girl is annoyed by my texting?

Question by stan: How do I tell if a girl is annoyed by my texting?
Ok I don’t mean when they just come out and tell me I’m being annoying or when she doesn’t text back for awhile. I mean when you text a nice girl who doesn’t want to be mean, but is still annoyed by your texting her any advice

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Answer by lost-in-time
well when they try not to make conversation, they just answer exactly what u ask and nothin more.

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  1. wen im annoyed i jsut giv short simple answers tht dont pose a question or continue the conversation but thts just me….jst cuz she duznt answer bak right away duznt mean shes annoyed

  2. She will text you one worded answers..and just be really short with you. You will probably being asking questions and she wont ask you any because she doesnt want to start a convo with you.. idk she will seem busy

  3. if u always tell her first n then shes annoyed def, like who starts the convos and who fineshes them! if she ends them too shes annoyed! and if she gives u alota one word or very unpersonal answers or says heyy sory my phone was dead i couldnt answer ur text right away or i was busy blah blah …
    how bout u tell us how she is reacting and we will tell u if shes annoyed?

  4. You can usually tell if shes giving you short answers like ok or yup or if she takes to long to txt you back n shes just says ok or something it usually means leave her alone

  5. if u are being too into her…
    basically if ur txting her more than 10 random times a day without good usefull conversation…then it may be a problem

    just be you and like ask her or something maybe she’ll let u know

  6. some times they answer in one word,a few words,one sentence,periods at the end of words alot of exclamation points hope i helped

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