Q&A: How do I talk to any girl confidently?

Question by Shy guy: How do I talk to any girl confidently?
So for as long as I can remember I have sucked at talking to girls on a more romantic level. I have no problem talking to them but if I have feelings at all for them I draw a complete blank. There are a few girls in particular that I am very attracted to. I just want some ways to where I can talk to them with out being shy. Is there a way toget over it?

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Answer by emily
Just get to know them and make the first move I hate it when I have to make the first move (I’m a girl) look her in the eye and man up!

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  1. it’s kind of like choking during a test. you get nervous, and your brain freezes. it happens to a lot of guys.
    the best way to handle it is to calm yourself down. don’t be nervous, you’re just a normal boy talking to a normal girl. you can joke and laugh to help ease the nervousness.
    eventually though, with more exposure, it won’t be as bad.

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