Q&A: How do I talk on the phone to this girl for the first time?

Question by DJ: How do I talk on the phone to this girl for the first time?
I’ve been texting this girl at school for a while and she just called me but I dont how or what to talk to her about. I just met her and I dont want to miss this up with awkward pauses and random things that might pop into my head. I know confidence is the key but when im on the phone with new people my mind goes blank and I dont know what to talk about. Please help!

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Answer by Charlie
Talk about sex. 😀

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  1. you answered your own question there buddy 🙂 confidence is key, try practicing what you’ll say and try hard not to get nervous, be yourself and just relax and have a good time 🙂 and I when i say have a good time i mean it will probably be a fun experience

  2. you: what’s up
    her: not much, why?
    you: i have 12 bucks, that’s enough for two movie tickets and all my friends are busy.
    her: sweet!

  3. Texting and talking is bout the same. I’m pretty sure in text messages you ask her how was her day, how she feels, did she eat, yada yada so its pretty much the same thing. Not to mention: you dont have to do all the talking. Ask open ended questions. Ask her opinion on things. Make sure you listen so you can respond back with something intelligent to say other than ‘Oh yeah’s and ‘Oh’s and ‘Uh-huh’s, you know? I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

  4. Don’t worry about the silences; they won’t kill either one of you. Start out with saying something about you’re glad to have the chance to TALK with her. Write down a few things you’d like to talk about – look at your old texts and see what she has expressed an interest in, but don’t forget your own interests; try to balance them out.

    I suspect you can take it from there 🙂

  5. have you taken into consideration talking with her about the topic you usually text about, or talking to her in person since she goes to your school.

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