Q&A: How do I start a conversation with a girl and tell her i like her?

Question by WatchMeDoIt: How do I start a conversation with a girl and tell her i like her?
I like this girl and i always text her. I want to tell her i like her but i cant just say I like you out of no where. How could i start the conversation?

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Answer by thesheot1213
Try talking to her a bit and getting to know her. Go out with her a few times. Figure out if you actually do like her a lot. At that point I suppose it might be more appropriate to say that you like her and that you like spending time with her.

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  1. stop her, ask about homework, then tell her that you “dont know how to say this, but i rly like u.”
    most girls, like me 🙂 would fall for that 🙂
    hope i helped

  2. you guys should hang out for a bit just the two of you, subtly flirt with her and after a while you should tell her (don’t wait till she only sees you as a friend)

  3. There is no rule or social law that says you can’t say i like you. Being direct is sometines very liberating and honest. But, you have to say what you like about her.. why do you like her, what do you find attractive about her. these are the things you need to ask youself and it is VERY okay to say that to someone. infact it is flattering. But life doesnt end there, what are you going to do after you tell her that? Be ready for some open ended questions, like what do you like? what activities do you like to do? what studies do you find interesting.. you have got to be able to find out more about each other.. so go for it dude!! .. life is waiting.. be courageous and say what you mean and mean what you say. Life needs more honest direct communication and you always have the ability to do that from the start. Dont let fear stop you from something you may regret, speak your feelings open and honest, girls like that.

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