Q&A: How do i make a girl laugh?

Question by MtA: How do i make a girl laugh?
I text this girl often and i want to know some ideas or tips on how to make her laugh (saying lol, haha, etc.) i always feel good inside when i make her laugh, and i also kinda like her. Please help, and please dont say stuff like “just be yourself”, i want to know stuff you do to make girls laugh. Thanks

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Answer by workinchica
Say funny stuff that you have seen, or send her a joke, bring up past things that were funny that you have talked about. And add lol and haha to your texts and she will do the same, to keep the light hearted mood.

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  1. I can’t give you a transcript. You can’t be funny by texting her knock knock jokes. You have to feed off of her. She sends you something and you respond with something humorous based on what she said. But if you’re not funny no one can help you in that department. So focus on something else…like not making her laugh but actually try to get to know her…something crazy like that.

  2. – Never be malicious or poke fun at them. Guys may find it amusing, but girls will often find it cruel and think ill of you for it.

    -Begin by making fun of yourself. This is the safest form of humor. It shows you’re down to earth and can take criticism. In the long run, girls will be more honest with you.

    -Try and experiment on what makes your specific girl laugh. Girls are all individuals.

    -Be daring in your humour at times. It may surprise her in a good way.

    -Be a good listener. This will give you material to have fun with, but make sure it’s not something important to her.

    -Laugh at her jokes– she’ll be inclined to return the favor and laugh at yours!

    -Mimic her style of humor. If it’s risqué, for example, use risqué humor yourself.

    -Try and always be positive–she’ll look to you if she’s feeling down. Positive nature is humour’s brother.

    -Remember that being funny is a trial and error process and may take time, but don’t lose hope.

    -Finally, never force people to laugh, just let it flow and BE YOUR SELF.


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