Q&A: How do i get over the panic of talking to girls?

Question by YBollis: How do i get over the panic of talking to girls?
Ive been working alot on talking to girls but I cant seem to get over this hump. I know what to sa, im pretty calm before I go up but when Im faced with actually talking to women i get extremely nervous and I panic. What can I do to either quell this or remove it?

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All I can say is: Practice Practice 🙂

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  1. just remeber shes a person just like you. you walking up to her is like someone randomly walking up to you asking you something. it takes some practice i used to be the same way, its normle. good luck dude

  2. I think you should walk up to her introduce your self look her straight in her eyes and talk about stuff that she likes and talk about stuff that you like and flirt with her, some people just have conversations with girls that they want to have a relationship with.

  3. Just know one thing girls are humans just like you , and they make mistakes just like you , so don’t be intimidated by anyone of us. Actually we look up to you guys. Remember that G-d put you guys in charge first lol

  4. Maintain continuous eye contact. Continuous eye contact is difficult for many people. Most often, we look at someone when we are listening, and tend to intermittently maintain eye contact when we are speaking. We tend to connect, look away as we think, come back, look at the bridge of their nose, look away, come back to eye contact, etc.

    It is not necessary to maintain direct, eye-to-eye gaze for an entire conversation. Over time, it becomes easier to maintain contact for longer periods.

    Perhaps you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Be patient with yourself. Shy guys make progress one step at a time.

    There are many useful self-help articles online. Indulge yourself reading articles like this. This will help you improve yourself. Check out the one I’ve posted below.

    Good Luck!

  5. well i dont quite remember it well, but there is a blog and it seems to have an article which can answer your question i think. its too much to type it all here.. but do check it out

    article is called something like “How to Start Talking to Any Girl” and I think its posted between 15th-17th June 2010 sometime…

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