Q&A: How do I get over my fear of talking to girls?

Question by rockguy92: How do I get over my fear of talking to girls?
I’ve never had a girlfriend or anything close to that, and it’s because I’ve always been too nervous and scared to try and talk to girls. Howe can I get over it?

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Answer by Karly Kookie
Just talk to ugly girls. Girls are just like boys. CHILLOUT.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How do I get over my fear of talking to girls?”

  1. they are people just like you.. they are sceard of things just like you they cry about thing just like you.. they get nervouse just like you they are no better or worse then you.. so why do you think of yourself so low. you will have to get over it some point in your life. dont waist your time thinking dumb things…the most attractive thing in a guy to a girl is CONFIDENCE. and you dont have it…

  2. awe thats cute! But if some of your guy friends have friends that are girls then you should try joining their conversations! because it wouldn’t be too much pressure because its just a group of you guys chilling and talking! And hey you’ll never know this lucky gal might be your first girl friend!

  3. NO worries man. Every guy, and I mean every guy, has been in a situation where they are a little nervous when around women. My advice, feel the fear but jump into it like a cold swimming pool. The more you practice, the more you’ll get over the fear.

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