Q&A: How do I become more confident when talking to girls?

Question by Bob: How do I become more confident when talking to girls?
Ive always had the problem of being shy and under confident when talking to girls I like. How can I improve myself confidence enough to tell this girl how I feel about her. I have some strong feelings about this girl I met at camp this summer and I want to tell her how I feel but for some reason I can never find the right moment. The only way I talk to this girl is over text due to the fact that she lives on the other side of the country.

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Answer by nick
Start talking or have conversation with ugly girls if you think your ok go to the average looking girl and then the good looking one. it’s just like a practice to talk confident.

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  1. Take public speaking courses. If that’s too much work then just practice speaking to everyone more often. Speak with girls the same way as you would speak to a guy. Talk about normal things and normal stuff. The reason you are shy of her is because you view her as your crush. You have to stop looking at her like a crush but just like another person/friend. Trust me if you view her as just a normal friend with nothing special in her it will be much easier for you to talk to her and you won’t be that shy and as you keep talking the shyness will slowly wear off.

  2. may i know that talking to girl lot kinds of matter open with the respect talk managing talking of way so open frankly agitation and confident……….

  3. Make sure to actually listen when talking to them. This way they’ll apreciate you, come off clearer to you, you’ll understand them better and you’ll be more available. They’ll think they’re seeing you respect them and you can begin to actually respect them more.
    Look them in the eyes. It shows confidence and it’s better than staring at their tits! I always do.

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