Q&A: How do guys approach talking to girls?

Question by Cocanut95: How do guys approach talking to girls?
Will guys still talk to girls that aren’t incredibly skinny?
I have noticed that all of the perfect girls are always talking to guys and those same guys ignore me and i am not fat or ugly
will guys ever talk to me?

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Answer by Paul
yes. actually, it hurts my eyes to look at incredibly skinny girls.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How do guys approach talking to girls?”

  1. we just start talking to you. i dont think guys ignore girls that arent skinny. i mean i would go for husky i dont mind a little fat. dont worry youll see guys startin to talk to you sooner or later

  2. well, if you’re still in middle school or high school, then most guys will want to talk to the skinny girls first because I guess they like them more.

    You don’t have to be skinny but as long as you’re in shape that’s fine. Also, you have to try to make a good appearance. Throwing on some good make-up and dressing nice helps a long way. Most people know this so did you do that?

    Finally, I will say that if you get close enough to the guy/guys you want to talk to they will eventually start talking to you if you did your part.

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