Q&A: How can I talk to girls?

Question by holy_warrior: How can I talk to girls?
I try to be outgoing and try to talk to girls, but they rarely talk to me back. I can’t really have decent conversation with girls. Is it that i’m ugly? I did watch out what I say. Usually I listen more than I talk and allow them talk about themselves. Is there any wrong with me?

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Answer by chris s
i have the same problem but they just tell me im ugly

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  1. welll no theres nothing wrong with you probably just with the girl. i would personally like it if a guy just listened to me talk but some girls you need to talk to them or they might lose intrest bc i can just talk to my best girl friend but a guy friend or boy friend is way different so try to talk more and be funny but dont just blabber either

  2. I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with you i guess you just didn’t talk to them right . I think that you should start not goin up to themm , do something what will get there attention.
    For Example:

    Where nice clothes with perfume. [ they would look at you & try to talk.]

    And if you like talking to girls then talk to them but let them talk more. Ask them questions about there self. And yeah , sometimes to talk more, they wouldn’t bite !

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