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Q&A: How can I talk to girls more?

Question by : How can I talk to girls more?
Hey guys,

In school i’m normally in a group with ”popular” boys and girls in my year. The boys are pretty easy to talk to because we just muck about but when the girls come i kinda get speechless. I don’t know what to say to them because i’m afraid i might embarrass myself. I try to urge myself to say jokes but again, im afraid i might embarrass myself an no one laughs.
There are some girls that i talk to occasionally and some that i’m pretty good friends with and i talk in school, but after school when i go on facebook or something i dont really know what to say to the girls. I really want to talk more with girls because most of them look kinda nice and the boys are boring sometimes 😛

Can someone help me interact more with girls and make good jokes to them? Thanks guys it would help me a lot!

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Answer by Curly-Girl<3
Well, my friend always told be that when your trying to talk to the opposite sex or someone you really like, try to pretend like you already know them! Chances are their nervous to talk to you too, but probaably just push it aside and dont show it as much. Man up 🙂 Get the confidence from down deep, i know its there! And use it
Sorry if this doesnt help much :/ but just be comfortable with yourself and you can be comfortabel with everyone else 🙂

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