Q&A: How can I talk to girls more?

Question by : How can I talk to girls more?
Hey guys,

In school i’m normally in a group with ”popular” boys and girls in my year. The boys are pretty easy to talk to because we just muck about but when the girls come i kinda get speechless. I don’t know what to say to them because i’m afraid i might embarrass myself. I try to urge myself to say jokes but again, im afraid i might embarrass myself an no one laughs.
There are some girls that i talk to occasionally and some that i’m pretty good friends with and i talk in school, but after school when i go on facebook or something i dont really know what to say to the girls. I really want to talk more with girls because most of them look kinda nice and the boys are boring sometimes 😛

Can someone help me interact more with girls and make good jokes to them? Thanks guys it would help me a lot!

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Answer by Curly-Girl<3
Well, my friend always told be that when your trying to talk to the opposite sex or someone you really like, try to pretend like you already know them! Chances are their nervous to talk to you too, but probaably just push it aside and dont show it as much. Man up 🙂 Get the confidence from down deep, i know its there! And use it
Sorry if this doesnt help much :/ but just be comfortable with yourself and you can be comfortabel with everyone else 🙂

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  1. Talk to cheerleaders… If you’re a jock, cheerleaders automatically fawn all over you. If you’re not that type then just be nice to them haha, it’s not that hard to make a girl like you!

  2. Well I’m not a guy sorry, but I can help you understand from the girls end. First of all, I assure you the exact same thinking process is going on with alot of girls. It’s harder because the types of conversations are very different from boys to girls. Guys tend to talk about general stuff, interests, hobbies, things like that. On the other hand girls tend to to talk much more about emotions relationships, and crushes. I think though overall you can relax, most girls actually find it refreshing talking to guys (well those who aren’t creepy and on a casual basis) cuz it gives us some freedom from the drama we’re used to.

    To kinda break the ice after greeting, ask girls some questions about themselves. Most girls like to talk about themselves a bit, and they’ll usually react positively to you being willing to hear their thoughts. Just don’t ask anything too personal or awkward like weight. Avoid bragging unless you do it in a jovial way. As far as jokes go, in the beginning, never make a joke about the girl, draw from a story or situation, or even joke about yourself a bit. Sometimes laughing at yourself is good cuz it shows you aren’t too uptight or into yourself. Just don’t make a joke that implies you are bragging about doing something dumb, or makes you look like have no common sense. I also think it helps if you bring out common subjects like classes, events, or music, then you can kinda feel out what’s on her mind and what she’s interested in talking about. Big tip here: let her be in the conversation, don’t ramble. Girls like to be able to have their input and not have to fight to do so, if you go on and on, especially about something like a game she doesn’t even know much about, all she’ll be thinking about is how to make an escape route.

    Mostly just be genuine and considerate. Most girls wanna have a guy friend they can just hang with who’s relaxed and can just talk without getting too complicated (we get that enough with other girls). And pay attention to how they feel, if they look down just ask how they are doing and be sympathetic. As long as you don’t pry to much, if you seem like you care, most girls will open up more.

    Good luck!!

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