Q&A: How can i talk to a girl better?

Question by ltzrid3r400: How can i talk to a girl better?
Well the title says it all, my friends always manage to hook up with girls, but i’m wicked shy around new people and especially girls, and plus i dont think i know how to talk to them, just the way i talk online to them and all, i just dont think i can talk to girls, any advice?

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Answer by PicoMe This
Practice and lots of it!!! Don’t be picky either, approach even the fattys and make conversation…it’s good practice.

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  1. look into their eyes only. think b4 u talk and if u think u r nervous talk more slowly than usually. comment her. ask about her day.

  2. have a little more courage in yourself dude. if your online, you have time to think about what your going to say. practice with that and move on to talking in person. seriously, i had the same problem and after a while i could say anything without regretting it. good luck!

  3. most girls are kinda shy…so they are looking for really out-going first-move-type-a-making kinda guys. maybe you are waiting for your out-going girl to come and find you. but seriously? just talk to a girl….about anything. no reason to be shy or fidget/studder when you talk. she’s just a girl.

    p.s. girls dig funny guys. be flirtatious. it takes a little bit of practice to get it right. but everyone has to start out somewhere, right?

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