Q&A: How can I talk and start a conversation with this girl?

Question by Jacob: How can I talk and start a conversation with this girl?
I’ve asked this question already but I feel like I left out some details. So like a lot of other boys I need help with this. There’s this girl in one of my classes and she is really quiet but really nice and I’ve really just been texting her and I’ve learned a little about her, she likes music like I do and we just happen to have percussion class together. But I really want to talk to her more in person but at the end of each class she goes to the back of the room and reads, and I’m finding it hard to approach that. Anyone have any good ideas? I think I really over thinking it all and the I think that the simple stuff won’t work and she’ll automatically reject me but I know she wouldn’t she isn’t like that. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by MysteryGirl
First you should find something really funny and share it in class, be a class clown, girls find it sexy. Then be all nice to her compliment her hair or something.

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  1. text her and keep the conversations long, do it for awhile until you have a lot of courage and ask her out to diner. It doesn’t have to be expensive but at least be better then Mcdonald’s. I was on the same boat as you but she was 2 years older then me so it wasn’t going to work out. Trust me I was so shy and I never talked until later on. Talk to her she want’s someone to talk to that’s the reason why girls have boyfriends. If you don’t she’ll have the impression that you’re not the right guy. every thing’s common sense, just don’t take her to movie’s unless it’s in your own house. long walks, beaches. basicaly anything you guys communicate to each other.

    it won’t be so hard after you talk to each other.
    just helping another brother message me if you need any help

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