Q&A: How can I start a texting conversation with this girl I like?

Question by : How can I start a texting conversation with this girl I like?
Im 13 and everytime I text a girl, It ends up like …. TTYL 🙂

I hate that, and I know she doesnt hate me, but I just wanted to know how I could start a real conversation, not just useless “Heys” and “Lol”‘s back and forth!


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Answer by Samantha
“What’s your favorite thing to do?”

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  1. lol i know what you mean. You should tart off wit a hi or a hello, whatever it is you say to introduce yurself & then ask her about her dy, what she iis doing then if you guys really start to have conversation, you should let her now how you feel about her[ if you like her ]

  2. ask her what she likes to do for fun. or what’s her favorite colors, songs, stores. if she likes something you like tell her. and start talking about it.

  3. i’m 13 also so i know what your talking about. maybe start a conversation about school or your friends. you should also ask her some questions about herself and make her feel special. but not personal questions and not too many otherwise she’ll think your a stalker.
    hope i helped!(:

  4. I know “What are you up to?” is risky, but if you can play it right, it starts an entire conversation. If she says “Nothing much” say something you’re actually doing, and she’ll probably keep the conversation going. If she says she’s doing something like playing a sport, ask her more about it. Usually asking a girl questions can keep a conversation going for hours on end.

    Good luck! (:

  5. Be alluring. Try to do what the above answer said, ask the girl things about herself. Such as:

    “Hey there. How was your day today?”
    “That’s great, what made it that way?”
    “Nice, I’m glad. 🙂 What do you have for homework?”

    And go on like that; asking her every little thing. And if you can’t manage to talk for long, you should know you’re not meant for each other. Sometimes I’ve realized that I have either an only texting, only IMing, or only real-life/verbal relationship with a girl. You have to find this for yourself, though.

    But keep in mind that girls like it when a guy cares. I’m also 13, and a lot of girls say that I’m “the nicest person” they’ve ever met. Just because I don’t talk about myself much, and I care for/about them.

    Good luck, man.

  6. me too !
    i text everyone, and some people are good conversationalists but others are just annoying because they text one word answers.
    i usually just think of totally random questions, like
    “If you were stuck on an island and could bring 3 things and one person, what/who would you bring?”

    Just get creative:D

  7. Ok Just Say What are you doing??! Or Just Say TTYL 🙂 back she might say sorry for doing that or just say text me in 10 min!! Say why are u doing that tell her how u fel!! Hope I Helped!!

  8. wanna play truth or dare? (i play this game w/ my boyfriend and we always ask cute questions back and forth)
    if you could do anything in the world right now wat would u do?
    do you like lucky charms?![: (okay sry that was lame)
    how was your day?
    anything really<3

  9. Well to start off i know excatlyy how you feel! turns out that i am 13 2!!! and i hate it when that happens!! (to let you know this is a girl so i know what i am talking about). I always think that same thing, “Does she hate me?” One time me and this guy were texting and the conversation always ened like that and later we went out so maybe she is thinking the excate same thing so i think you should ask her out!!!!

  10. Be funny. Girls like funny guys. Come up with random stuff that you know will make her laugh. Don’t tell jokes, just be funny. Hope this helped(:

  11. think of something funny that recently happened and say “hha that was so funny when…”
    see what she says and then either keep talking about that or talk about something else if shes uninteerested (the homewkr ur skipping, the teacdher u hate ect.)

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