Q&A: How can i get more confident when i talk to girls?

Question by Sparnic: How can i get more confident when i talk to girls?
Whenever i talk to girls i kinda freeze up and have no idea what to talk about so there is just akward silence and she usually just walks away.

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Answer by kaitlyn
use swagg :).

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  1. well its normal to get nervous when talking to anyone sweetie
    we all have Flaws so don’t feel bad you will get thur it i pinky promise
    but love yourself and say i can do it!
    i think you have confidence to walk up
    its just you’re conversation that needs work
    and when talking to someone you can
    even start a convo by saying
    do you know the time? lol
    or whatever you like but just let it come naturally
    it can be about anything like news
    or the weather
    things that are happening in your town/county
    the list goes on!
    but just keep telling yourself you can do it
    and build yourself up!
    you will do fine

    good luck

  2. Talk to her like you would talk to a friend. Treat her like a person your not interested in but be polite. If there is ackward silence. break it. Think of a question to ask. Or point out something about the activity going on around. Even if theres nothing, point that out. Once you start talking, talk for a bit. Dont drag it out forcefully. I used to be that way when I was young. I hated it. Now it doesnt bother me. You will get by it one day. If a girl says something to you, just talk back to her. Talk for a few seconds. If it notice the conversation start to finish. Say I got to get going or have to do something. Anything will work. Never let it go silent. Practice this with different girls. Dont think cause you talked to one girl that shes going to want to talk all the time. Talk to her and just happen to run into another one and talk to her. If girl number 1 sees you can talk to other girls, girl number 1 will be more likely to talk to you when you see her again. Hang in there. Try and keep something other than pretty girls on your mind, and you will notice it become alot easier when there around.

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