Q&A: How can I build confidence to talk to girls?

Question by imnopawn: How can I build confidence to talk to girls?
People always say that if u wanna girlfriend you need to pursue and talk to them, but its not that easy.. for me at least. Im 16 and i would like some advice on how i can build my confidence to have something interesting to talk to girls and be funny as well. I seriously have trouble talking to strangers even if they r guys, i guess thats my nature and its so damn hard to change. Help!

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Answer by Summaguuuy
Talk to them, I know it sucks but it’s the best way.

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  1. It’s hard work, true. But do it.

    Start by listening to what people are saying, and add to their conversation. Don’t always poke fun at people, give your honest opinion about what’s being discussed.

    Read the paper and watch the news, or make other efforts to know what’s going on around you so you can have material to use to start conversations of your own.

    E.g., Did you know the USA olympic hockey team just beat Canada 5-3?

  2. My friend, you are not alone! I myself am 17 and have the same problem as you. It certainly isn’t an easy thing to do, talking to girls. Somtimes it seems like they only want to talk to the handsome guy in the room (which i am most deffinately not), and they will do all the work for him. However, if theres one thing i know, its that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. With literally anything, constantly repeating and practicing what you want to be good at will yield results, i promise! Practice saying hi to people on the road when you walk by, talking to the barber when you get a haircut, to the man making your deli sandwhich, to your lunch lady at school! People notice when you are outgoing and enjoy somone to talk to, no matter who it is. Also, there is one thing I KNOW girls love; confidence. If you dont have it, then fake it till’ you make it man! If you pretend and act like your the most awsome guy out there, she will think so too! Please trust me on all this, i had to work past the same problem as you not too long ago. You’ll knock the girls off their feet in no time, i swear!

  3. When you approach for the first time, don’t talk for more than 3 minutes, just ask 2 questions, get her contact and go away.

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