Q&A: Help with texting a girl I like?

Question by : Help with texting a girl I like?
Im texting this girl I like and Ive allready asked her out on a date (she said yes 😀 ) and when Im texting her she either answers my questions and doesnt say anything or just answers one word. I asked her if Im bugging her but she said its just a bad habbit she has when texting. I keep asking her dumb questions about the same subject (her moving) and its getting REALLY old and I feel stupid. I need some tips on what to say or talk about. ANY help would be great! Thanks!
I know everyone says to stop texting or to call/see her in person but Im afraid calling or seeing her will be awkward, I dont wanna stop texting her alltogether and seem like an asshole?
I was texting her and asked a question and she answered very vaguely and 10mins after me not responding she texted me again answering with alot more detail and said somethin else, that mean anything?

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Answer by fox
stop texting and ring her if you want to talk

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  1. The best advice is to STOP TEXTING! She accepted your invite, now stop. Plan to hold a conversation in person. She is probably answering short, because she doesn’t want to text! Don’t push it.

  2. she agreed to go on a date so she likes you. Shes already said this is a bad haibit of hers so you need to take it easy and relax – if you dont she may be put off you and see you as being desperate.
    Swistch your phone off or leave it at home so you’re not constantly texting her.
    save all your magic for the first date 🙂 good luck

  3. I would def stop texting so much. If you dont have anything to text her, dont text her at all. She will end up getting old if you are constantly texting her, especially with the same questions. Makes you seem a bit desperate! If you’ve asked her out and she said yes, just wait until the date before you speak to her again. Then you can chat in person and should have more to talk about 🙂

  4. Just call her. Or talk in person.
    But, if you must text, play a game. Like you have to ask her questions and she asks you questions. It’s cute:) I love when guys do that.

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