Q&A: Help texting the girl i like?

Question by bigdogg712@ymail.com: Help texting the girl i like?
Alright so there’s this girl that I like. I’ve known her for about 8 years and I’ve liked her for probably 3 or 4years. She is my sisters best friends sister, so we are very good family friends. She’s 2 years younger than me. I’m 18 she’s 16.

So, now that you know the background details. We are great when we are together. I can tell she likes me, my mom can tell she likes me, my sister can tell she likes me, everyone can tell. That’s when we are together, however. And usually that’s for family dinners, when they come up to our cottage, and stuff like that.

When I text her, its a different story. She seems very uninterested, and often just doesn’t respond. Our convos usually go something like this: hey-hi-whats up-just watching tv hbu- same. And then the convos over. Then i feel like I have to keep asking questions to keep it going. So how can i spice it up a bit and maybe flirt a little?

Its just a boring texting cycle.

So GUYS: how do you text the girl you like? What’s your first text like? Hey or something more interesting?

GIRLS: what do you like a guy to text to you? Hey or something more interesting?

Please and thank you.

PS. no, I’m not ugly. Im just a bit shy.. and maybe a little “prude.”

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Answer by AvuncularUngulate
Maybe she doesn’t like texting. Remember, up until a few years ago, there was no such thing. People used to do this thing called “talking”. I know, it’s rarely heard of these days, but if you wanted to exchange information with someone, you used these things called “words” strung together into “sentences”; the other person would reply similarly. It was called a “conversation.” I know it’s ancient history, but maybe you could give it a shot.

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