Q&A: Guys: when you were 14 would you text the girl you liked first or wait for her to text you first?

Question by idkk: Guys: when you were 14 would you text the girl you liked first or wait for her to text you first?
Would you ignore a text from a girl you didn’t like?

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Answer by 「Buta Uri」♥『聴豕』
Just text her. And don’t ignore anyone. That’s rude and if word were to get around to the girl you like, it’ll make you sound like a prick.

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25 thoughts on “Q&A: Guys: when you were 14 would you text the girl you liked first or wait for her to text you first?”

  1. honestly, when I was 14 we didnt have texting, we wrote actual notes to each other…dang, i sound old.

  2. I’m not a guy so I’m not gonna answer your question ;P
    But If I were a guy, I’d text the girl because I know girls like getting texts from guys.

  3. I would wait for the girl i liked to text me, just cause im a pussy, and i wouldn’t even reply to the girl i didn’t like.

  4. You’re young, best start learning now. Text her. If it doesn’t go through,and a relationship doesnt happen, move on to the next girl.

  5. Maybe I’m too old to answer this, but don’t you kids TALK to one another anymore? I mean….texting? By the time you all are my age of almost 30, talking will be a thing of the past.
    Call me old-fashioned, but what’s wrong with a phone call?

  6. I think i texted her first but it depends on the situation ie: Do you usually talk to this girl how long have u had her number for things like that. I tihnk its fine for you to text her. Usually younger girls were a lil shy

  7. Text her first 🙂

    Im a girl, but i would get a little shy texting the guy first.

    And no, dont ignore the text from the girl you dont like.

    thats just rude.

  8. i am fourteen and i would text her first.. she might get it the wrong way and will think that you are overy obsessed with her.

  9. You don’t want her to think that you aren’t really interested, but you don’t want her to think that you’re desperate either. text her first, she won’t text you in case she thinks it might be just a prank, or you aren’t serious. better than texting is calling! Lol!

    Good luck : )

  10. you should text her first because i know by exirence that girl like getting texts from guys…and no im not a girl…lol and dont ignore th text just tell her that you are busy and forget about it or loose her number or delete her number and if she asks you about it just say you didnt know who it was xD

  11. What ever happened to writing letters on paper, or does that not exist anymore. I am only 28, and when I was 14 we didn’t have cellphones, and I personally believe 14 year old children should not have them even in today’s society.

    But on to your question. I would text her, you never know until you take initiative, which girls like for a guy to do. Also I would not ignore the text from a person I didn’t like, as you never know you might end up liking them once you got to know them better. My wife was annoying as can be when I first met her, but now we are like best friends that are inseparable.

  12. text the girl first.
    she wont text u because she doesnt want to sound desperate.
    or that is how i am anyway.
    & we like getting texts from guys even if we dont like them like that.
    and as for the gurl tht u dont like. if she is a nice girl u should
    text her back. but if she is one of those stalkers, politely let her know that u r not interested

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