Q&A: Girls: why would you never text a guy first?

Question by SoccerKing: Girls: why would you never text a guy first?
This girl loves talking to me everytime we text and we carry on conversations forever! But she will never text me first! Maybe like once every two weeks…why!?!?

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Answer by kelly
Well it’s more polite to text a girl first like opening a door for her or pushing in her chair for her that is how we see it.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Girls: why would you never text a guy first?”

  1. not if i could help it. if i really liked him then i wouldn’t text him first. if i didn’t like him like that then i wouldn’t care if it was me texting first or him.

  2. Traditionally in our society it is the man who takes control and many girls still find that attractive.

    Also, a more modern concept is that girls are crazy and obsessive and to avoid feeling clingy and needy and seeming nonchalant and cool girls are hesitant to be the ones to initiate conversation.

  3. It is kind of a old school deal i do the same thing but i will text him once a week just so he knows im really interested and not being polite by answering him back

  4. Sometimes girls want to know that a guy was thinking of them so he took out his time to text her.
    Secondly, girls dont like to text guys first because they don’t want to feel “Played” when or if he does not text the girl back!

  5. yeah, girls are kind of ‘taught’ by society that if a guy likes us, he’ll text us. so it’s kind of a girl’s way to see if you like us. also, girls feel like we’re annoying you or being clingy by texting you first. girls tend to overanalyze everything, including the simple act of texting. sometimes, though, i text first, just to show him that i’m interested and suggest hanging out, etc. maybe suggest to her next time you’re texting, ‘hey, text me tomorrow.’ then she’ll know you want to talk to her but it will kind of force her to take some initiative.

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