Q&A: *Girls*, When do I know when to stop texting her?

Question by ImJusASophomore: *Girls*, When do I know when to stop texting her?
I really like this girl, and just a few days ago, I got up the courage to finally text her. She responded to me really quickly saying “Hi Brian!” and acting all cheerful like that. So then we continued to have a good conversation that ended with a “goodnight brian” in her text. The next day, she initiated the first text saying “hi buddy!”. We again had a good, random conversation ending with “good bye Brian! ttyl!”.

I thought this all went very smoothly so then the next day, I texted her and we had a good conversation for bout 10 min. but then she said she had to go. She ended the conversation with “I’ve got to get to bed, ttyl, goodnight! bye”

I just want to know what this means and also if she likes me. Should I ask her out? How do I ask Her out? and When do I ask her out?

Another thing, should I be patient with my texts, like should I wait a few days and see if she initiates the first text again? Also, we are both going to be freshman in high school and we are also good friends right now. Just giving you a little more info!

Well, thank you and sorry this was so long! Girls are confusing sometimes! Ugggg! lol.

Please no negative or sarcastic responses.

Thank You

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Answer by Anonymous
i would get to know her better!
personally i wouldnt ask out a girl just because we have had a couple good TEXTING conversations.
just get to know her better in person, and flirt around if you like her (if you havent already).
then id ask her out…

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  1. I hate it when people criticize others for texting the girl/guy they like as opposed to talking to them in person, because there’s nothing wrong with texting. HOWEVER the basis of your relationship should not be founded through text conversations, so try to get to know her and talk to her more in real life, if possible. maybe ask her to hang out with a group of your friends/her friends or something, and eventually after you all hang out and you feel comfortable as her friend (and vice versa), you can ask her out and you’d have more of an idea whether she likes you or not because you can totally read body language better than through a text. of course you could also be really bold and just ask her out now and see what happens, but in my opinion it’s ALWAYS better to take it slow and easy, so nobody feels rushed.

    hope that made sense. good luck 😀

  2. well dont stop texing her if you wait a couple of days it might be 2 late, and she might think your not that in 2 her. so just keep texting her. dont ask her out over texting call her and just say hay i was wondering if you might wanted to go out maybe see a movie and talk over dinner. that should do it. gud luck

  3. well you should probably talk to her on the phone a little more,, umm yeah dont assume she like you,,she might juss like talking to you, but chances are she likes u a lil,, right now treat her as a freind, and when shit get serious youll know what to do, and if it’s meant to be u guys will be together,, but yeah dont go to far with the texting if you feel yur texting more than her, u should probably stop,, and wait for to see if she starts the texts,, u dont want to seem like your life revolves around talking to her,, i could go on with this but its boring when reading..
    so guud luck with that

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