Q&A: Girls! Texting Question!?

Question by Raggie Smith: Girls! Texting Question!?
Girls do you text a guy back right away if you like him? I’m texting this girl and she makes me keep the conversation going the whole time but texts back right away. She replies with a few words..so girls what do you think is up? Should I keep texting her or move on?
I got her number yesterday and have been texting her nonstop and met up at her locker, and we’ve talked in person in class a little bit. Thanks for the input!!

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Answer by The Flame
they text when they like you.

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  1. Girls text guys when they like them. Simple as that. So, yeah, keep texting, see where it gets you.

  2. That doesn’t prove she likes you or doesn’t like you. It just depends. Sometimes I’m really busy so I don’t text back right away and if I do it’s very brief. I even do that to my bf. But I know some people are obsessed with texting and will text anyone back right away.

  3. Either she is a quiet girl (which I doubt) or she is really into you. Which sounds weird in my opinion. Idk a lot about how you guys interact and all so I’m not sure this will help much. If I were you, I would straight up ask her if she likes you. Hope this helps!

  4. it can go both way so you
    just need to get the courage to
    ask her if she likes you.

    when i use to text guys i liked,
    i was shy that i would only reply
    with a few words cause
    i was afraid of saying something
    stupid and sounding dumb to him.

    but on the other hand, if a
    guy that i don’t like would text me,
    i would do the same thing because i
    wasn’t interested in talking to him
    and i was hoping he would get
    the hint to not talk to me so
    i didn’t have to be mean and tell him
    i didn’t like him.

    but basically you just need to
    tell her that you have feelings for
    her and want to know if she feels the
    same way.
    if you don’t ask her, you are
    always going to be wondering.

    ask her so you know you
    can pursue things with her,
    or move on and stop wondering.

    good luck!

  5. Keep texting her.. if she wasn’t interested she would not text you or keep you waiting for ever for a reply.. also note if her responses keep the conversation going.. not like a “OKAY , YEA, I KNOW” etc .. if shes interested she will ask you questions to get to know you, and want to know ur opinion.

  6. if u like her keep texting. any girl who likes a guy is waiting by the phone for him to text back. but if you do like her and want to keep the conversation going a little piece of advice……dont reply with one worded answers all the time like yeah lol O. girls just get annoyed even if they do like you and they eventually stop texting.

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