Q&A: Girls: Am I doing the right thing texting this girl?

Question by : Girls: Am I doing the right thing texting this girl?
I’m 15 and there’s a girl I like, who might like me. The problem is, whenever we text, I ALWAYS start the conversation, even though she seems happy after it’s started. Could she want me to be courageous or to prove something or just to show her I care, or something else? Also, what stuff do girls text guys they like about, and is it good that I’m asking most of the questions and letting her talk? Thanks!

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u are right

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  1. Make the conversation about her. Ask whats up and if she says something like walking a dog ask the type of dog, name, etc. maybe if she just say nm say nm is fun and entertaining. Girls love funny dudes.

  2. Sometimes girls don’t text first because they feel like there being annoying. She probably really wants to talk to you, just feels weird about starting the conversation herself 🙂
    And if you text her everyday, why would she even bother starting it when your gonna text her anyways. 😛
    Talk to her like your talking to any of your other friends. And if she says “Whats up?” or something like that, don’t reply with “Nothing much.” because that won’t get a conversation going, and its annoying. If you say something like “Playing video games” or whatever, it starts a conversation as long as she doesn’t reply back with “Cool.” because then she wouldn’t be interested.
    Also ask yourself how fast she texts back.

  3. She may just be nervous to start the conversation. Maybe she doesnt know if you like her or not so shes scared to start the conversation. If it were me I would want the guy to make the first move so maybe shes waiting for you to. I think its good to let her talk but make sure you do to. Girls dont always want to be the ones doing all the talking. And usually if a girl likes a guy she may try to talk about stuff she thinks the guy might like. Im not really sure. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  4. haha! This is a good girl! The guy SHOULD be the one initiating the conversations for the first couple of months….gives a girl some space to see whats up! If she seems happy that you text then yes, she likes you 🙂

  5. Its what the heart wants and what the heart needs, that’s all you have to think about really. And no its not right for a boy to text a girl more. I’m a girl and we girls usually like to talk a lot. If she likes you and your 15 and she is to, i thing you or her should tell each other. Your not in 1st grade just ask her out or tell her you like her.

  6. Be yourself.
    That sounds cliche, but don’t focus on “game”, or what girls like. People will like you more if you are yourself, because that shows, even with young girls. If you focus too much on sounding like someone a girl would like, you lose the things that people do find attractive. Like confidence, and strong sense of identity.
    I’m sure you are yourself in conversation, but don’t worry too much on what to say. When she talks, actually listen. So many guys will text or instant message me, and I can tell their interest is not genuine, by the redundant questions they ask.
    However, while being yourself is great, it is also correct that there are some things you don’t want to say. Don’t bring up sex, even if it seems like an “innocent question”. As I’m sure you know all this, I’m just giving you advice I wish guys would have had back when I was 15.
    Don’t play hard to get by taking a while deliberately to respond to a message. If you feel uncomfortable with texting her back 5 seconds after she messages you, wait a few minutes, but never do anything that involves head games, because it’s silly and a waste of your time. If I like a guy, then I like it when he is interested in the conversation, and I would definitely remain just friends if I learned he wasn’t being genuine.
    If you see something funny, that you feel is appropriate for her type of humor, tell her. Ask how her day is, and if you remember she said something about specific plans, or a project she’s working on, ask her how it’s going.
    When I like a guy personally, I text him about casual things, then I focus on mutual things we both are interested in/have in common, and talk about that (i.e. music, writing, art). I ask how his day is, and follow the same advice I gave you.
    If I DON’T like a guy as more than friends, I am not as quick to respond, and I often leave the conversation hanging in the open, without closing it. If she does this, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t like you, it could just mean she’s busy. If I don’t like a guy, when he asks if we’re gonna hang out, I tell him, “Yeah, that sounds awesome!”, then I don’t proceed to make plans.
    If she’s not texting you, it could be that she’s shy, and that she is trying to see if you’re interested. So, next time you talk, end the conversation with, “Drop me a line sometime! I’m always texting you haha”, or something like that, that you would say personally.
    To find out if she likes you, just go with the flow, and it will come. There are a lot of girls (again, cliche), so there is no need to second guess yourself.
    Also? I learned that while it is good to make a good first million impressions, it is also not good in the long run if you edit yourself too much. Because then, when you do end up with that person, you find that you can’t really be yourself, and after the “honeymoon” phase is over, you’ll be over it, and wishing you were with someone more like you.
    Good luck!

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