Q&A: Girl texting me a lot?

Question by C: Girl texting me a lot?
Ok so this is the 3rd day this girl and I have been texting literally none stop, we wake up texting each other, and fall asleep texting each other. I know she has a boyfriend (i don’t ask her about it) and im currently trying my luck with a girl in one of my classes.
I used to have a crush on the girl im texting and she knows, but that was last year, now its more of just a sexual attraction.
Have you girls ever texted a guy like this while you had a boyfriend?
Would it be weird if i ask her about her relationship?

Our texts are mostly humorous, funny stuff, nothing to serious.
And were both in the same college, we dont see each other
Well she asked for my number last year, we had a school project together, and at the time she was dating the same guy shes with right now.
Last time i saw her was about a week and a half, she asked me to walk with her to class, we had a small conversation, texting was the same, not much of it before, every ones in a while.

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Answer by Chantál
It would not be weird if you asked about her relationship, not at all.
I personally would not be texting any guy as much as it sounds like she texts you when I am with someone. If you don’t like her anymore and you know for a fact that she has a boyfriend then it would be a good idea for you to inform her that you wish not to become in the middle of her and her boyfriend because all it does is creates drama, that you don’t want. One text, or one conversation every once in a while is cool, thats friends status. Morning to Night, is more then friends.
Don’t let her lead you on, and make sure you don’t lead her on to anything.

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  1. Uhhhhh. She might have feelings for you… BUT..WAIT…. If she already know that you used to like her.. she might just be being friendly… So there are some extra details… Did she ask for your number or did you ask for hers? If you asked she might just be being a friend or she could like you.. If a friend gave you her number: How did she respond when you first texted you? If she sounded happy.. I have no clue… When you guys see each other in reality.. If she gets nervous and stutters while talking to you she probably likes you!!!! But if she is acting friendly… You are in the friend zone.. I could go on about this all day,,, but Im busy… HOPE THIS HELPED!!!

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