Q&A: Girl Talk Music…?

Question by Julee.: Girl Talk Music…?
Anybody hear listen to Girl Talk….?

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Answer by luckford2004
not me.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Girl Talk Music…?”

  1. thats weird i actually just heard girl talk for the first time a couple days ago…i heard the album night ripper. some really good songs are sampled on that.

  2. If you mean the Spiceys then uh uuh, but Tanya Donelly, Julianna Hatfield, Courtney, Grace Potter, both Mrs. Mark E Smiths, the list of Girls with Guitars who rock is one of the best lists there is. Shelby Lynn, Patty Griffin, Charleen Spitari (on a good day), Heather Nova, Bonnie Raite, Annie Keating, Anne McCue, I mean, it just goes on….

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