Q&A: GIRL Problems Need Advice!?

Question by Yaseen: GIRL Problems Need Advice!?
Ive been texting this girl for a few weeks, but its been small talk, like what u doing, whats up? Random stuff, how can i move up a few levels, get her to confide in me, what should i say? Last night we really connected i found out that we had a lot in common. One thing i find allways works if she trusts me she loves me but with this girl i cant find to gain her trust
We are in 10th grade if that helps
Also whats a good way to flirt with someone who plays hard to get?
How do i get closer to her?

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Answer by Love You!
Tell her cute things and give her compliments.

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  1. Do what I do-the question game. It’s a great way to dive into someones thoughts without getting too personal and as you get more comfortable with each other the questions and answers tend to get deeper and deeper. It’s a simple game, no rules except for no repeat questions and you have to be honest. It’s really simple and it’s how me and my boyfriend of over 2 years and I got to know each other 🙂

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. telling her compliments and asking about her, like did you have a good day? and anything along those lines

  3. Play hard to get yourself 🙂 I always fall for guys that now how to play the game like I do. Its stupid, I don’t know why I do it or anyone else does but hey it seems to work!

  4. you can start by asking her to hang out.. not neccessarily just you two, if u have a group of friends that you hang out with bring her along and you guys can get used to hanging out and get comfortable with each other and then u can start hanging out alone just you two and take it from there.. well thats how i did it cuz i was in a similar situation and now weve been dating for a year and a bit. good luck.

  5. Go talk to the girl and quit texting. Texting is a handy tool but only a tool uses it to get a date. Go talk to her in person and look into her eyes and ask her out. I can only imagine what you might have connected on but it probably wasn’t as connected as you think. If she only texts it is unlikely she trusts you. While trust is important in any relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean she loves you. She may just like you. As for tenth grade, focus on reading, writing and arithmetic. It will get you a lot further down the road and the future for young folks is going to depend a lot on how hard you are willing to work in school. If someone is playing hard to get, it probably means they aren’t that interested. Move on and spare them and yourself a lot of baloney.

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