Q&A: Can your parents see who your texting 10 points for best answer?

Question by mime: Can your parents see who your texting 10 points for best answer?
Well my parents don’t want me texting this girl cus she is mean (in their eyes). But she is super nice to me and I text her alot and just delete my messages after I get one from her. She is in my contacts so when the bill comes to my parents are they going to see her name or her number or both or neither. Oh yeah I have T-mobile

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Answer by Riley
the bills dont show who you text. or what you text. it just shows how many texts you sent out and how many got sent to you.

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  1. i think they can look it up online that was my dad sez he duz but i think hes lyin

  2. unfortunately, yes. they will see it. the bill comes with all the numbers u have dialed, as well as all the texts u have sent and recieved. the texts will show the number u have sent your text to or recieved your text from, but there will be no names. sorry if that’s bad…:(

  3. i dont think so.. i could be wrong though. i have verizon, i used to have sprint with my mother but got rid of it and have my own now.. i never see the texts on there that i have sent out.

  4. No, they won’t see who you texted or when, it’ll just be how many text messages you sent.
    They can, however, order all of your sent text messages, but I’ve never actually heard of anyone doing that.

    Edit: OH! You can go on t-mobile.com and see your entire bill if you’re really worried! It’s really easy, you just put in your cell # and if you forgot your pw it’ll send it to you via text message.

    No worries!

  5. The account is in your Mother’s name, she can get a transcript of ALL of the messages that come into your phone.

  6. unfortunetly, yes,they will see her number each and every time you texted her or she texted you. Good luck though!

  7. Just change your name on your contacts list to a code like for e.g if her name is Sarah change it to Serena or something like that, so you know thats it’s actually Sarah but they don’t know that. Contact the t mobile ppl and ask

  8. well my bill only shows the numbers if its someone that is not a free text. Otherwise it just shows how many texts

  9. they will see her number that’s all.
    They can also take you sim card and put it in some thing
    connect it to the computer,and they can see everything you’ve text even pictures.

  10. I don’t believe they will know who or when you are texting someone – just that you are texting and the number of times.

  11. some bills may show just the number and some dont show either…try to snag an old bill of theirs and check it out ur self

  12. what they can do is call tmobile and ask what youve been writing to her and theyll send your parents through email or a print. this is true. im not lying. my friend’s gf got in trouble because they werent allowed to text each other and they wrote and planned some inappropriate things.

  13. Bills don’t show text messages, just how much you did and the price. But they do show what numbers you dialed and at what time/date.

    But why don’t you just talk to your parents about her, and try to convince them that she’s actually really nice? Or even let them meet each other or something…

    Hope it works out.

  14. The regular bills dont show it, but your parents can request a full bill that will an itemized bill with all parties texted and called line by line….

    Your parents may not be smart enough to know that you CAN request an itemized bill….

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