Q&A: Basic questions on starting social life?

Question by Peter: Basic questions on starting social life?
Several questions on initiating social life. May sound basic, but sometimes things seem harder than they are. Any help is very much appreciated (besides the 10 points), as I have been trying for years to improve this with fixes in only some areas.

How should a guy start a text conversation for the first time with a girl whose number he already has for school things?
In what ways can I go from being friends in high school (in other words, talking with someone in a class a lot) to becoming friends outside of school such as hanging out?

Best answer:

Answer by Tranny
-How are you today?
-What’s up?

But definitely start with hello. Try to find common ground with the girl. See what she like. Then when you two really get to know each other. Invite her to hang out with you like at the mall or the movies. Or if she likes sport then play basketball or something.

It’ll take time, but with patience things will work out. Good luck.

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