Q&A: A twenty-one year old needs embarrassing help texting a girl?

Question by John: A twenty-one year old needs embarrassing help texting a girl?
I have been out of the whole dating seen for just about four years. Mostly because I dated the same girl for three years starting in 2008. I worked at a job in my college and started to like this girl who was very, very shy. She was pretty much the only girl I’ve liked in about four years, so I relatively became obsessed with her (I’m not creepy). Basically, I don’t work at this job anymore and haven’t for about two weeks. I could tell she liked me in a way because sometimes I caught her staring at me and since she was really shy, she really started to open up to me towards the end. Anyway, this is where the problem starts. I have her phone number because I got it accidentally because I lost my phone one day. Since I haven’t worked there in two weeks and haven’t seen her in two weeks. I texted her and she texts back immediately, but doesn’t exactly ask me questions. She just kinda responds to what I have to say in the text and that’s about it. I haven’t texted her in six days and she has never texted me first. So, here’s the thing. I figured if she was in to me, she would ask me questions in texting and text me first every once in a while. You know? I have had plenty of girls in the past year text me first and I always immediately texted back because I wanted to be nice. I would never date these girls, but I would text back immediately to not hurt their feelings. So, (sorry this is so long, this has just been bothering me for a while) should I text her today? Or figure if you’re not going to text me you’re not worth my time. I would really like some input, because is she really this shy or is she really not that into me?

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Answer by ThatGirl
call her. do you know her interests?… seems to me she needs a good time….
it’s not rocket science bro.

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  1. Only way to find out is to send her a text and be straight upfront.. She is texting back so id say there is something there for her, but if you know she is shy then she will not be the one to initiate anything.. She might find your confidence attractive but also intimidating.. You never know 🙂

    Either way some people are just like that. One of my close friends thinks about things a different way that i do, she never texts me and her reason isnt cause she doesnt care or doesnt liek sorting things, she just thinks when Kc isnt busy she will text me to catch up…. she doesnt see it as being rude, she thinks she is just letting me organise things when im free? So some people dont always start conversations.. We are close and have been friends for 10 years, travelled together, everything, but does she msg me first ever? I can count on one hand the amount of times she has lol.. Dont read into it too much…

    MY POINT – i know, i ramble…. is that you just need to be direct, send her a text, ask her on a date, be like “iv’e liked you for a while, we have worked together, we have things in common, do you want to go out with me sometime?” – leave it at that and let her get back to you.. worst thing she can say is “oh, sorry i was reli just wanting to be friends”… so big deal? back to the drawing board.. at least it was some little harmless flirting and you know where you stand.. more than likely though, you will probably get a “yeh okay 🙂 where when?” haha..

    go on.. send it now! take the bull by the horns 😉

    All the best,
    FlawlessCeMe – Kc

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