PLEASE HELP: SHORT QUESTION: How Much Complimenting Towards A Girl Is TOO Much Complimenting?

Question by Jackel Johnson: PLEASE HELP: SHORT QUESTION: How Much Complimenting Towards A Girl Is TOO Much Complimenting?
I was texting a girl I’m starting to date and she kept complimenting me and calling be cute and amazing so of course I would compliment her back. How much is too much complimenting though? Thanks!

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Answer by nameless
no such thing! haha. keep it coming!

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  1. umm when she says everything a bout you i would think maybe over 10 maybe 5 thats alot. Once a day should be good. Maybe she is over obsessive

  2. when you see her and have the opportunity. like she leaves fr 3 hours and then you compliment her again because she got a haircut.

  3. Only compliment when you really mean it and not just for the sake of saying compliments Cos too much complimenting after a while just starts to sound less genuine I think.

  4. girls love compliments! it makes them feel good about themselves. the only thing i’d say about it though is to not base your relationship around complimenting to make the other person happy. just say stuff like that when you think it’s neccessary. 🙂 and always be honest!

  5. Compliments are always nice, but there is such a thing as too far. It’s not so much too much, but too much repeating. My boyfriend constantly tells me, “You’re beautiful.” Cute, right? I haven’t gone one day without hearing that for the 10 months we’ve been dating. I know he likes me also for what’s deep down, but he hardly says it. He assumes I know… and I do! It’s just nice to hear something aside from the same compliments over and over. Toss the “You’re pretty” or “You’re hot” for something more original. “I love the way you laugh.” “I couldn’t stop thinking about you’re smile last night.” Something cute that’s also romantic seals the deal for any type of girl! Just don’t be too cheesy!

    And remember, text complimenting isn’t as fun or sincere as face to face!

  6. everytime she compliments you, compliment her. that would be an aproriate amount. if you wish to compliment a girl and she hasnt already complimented you, one an hour would be a good idea. too many in too short of time will make it seem like you really want something more than her personality. even small things, like “i like your bracelet” will go good. 🙂 because you are complimenting her style with a simple and non-harassing way. if she’s complimenting too much for your tastes, then she’s probably self-concious, over-friendly, or looking for something. in which case you need to identify with her what you want and what she wants so theres no confusion. 🙂 hope that hellps ^^

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