PLEASE HELP girls!!! why does she never text me?

Question by aloha surf bro: PLEASE HELP girls!!! why does she never text me?
this girl i have been friends with for a while now never texts me and never makes an effort to strike a conversation with me in school … why??? Meanwhile we always have rly nice convos. when i text her and she laughs at almost everything i say. and the truth is i have started to develop more feelings for her.
alright well i dont want to sound like an ass and ask her straight out … hey how come u never text me??? and no im not socially awkward

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Answer by Christopher
It’s possible you may be coming on too strong or maybe it’s her way of telling you, you’re just a friend without breaking your heart.

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  1. Well, maybe she does not want to seem needy. I always wait for the guy I like to text me. Also, when I see him, I wait for him to talk to me first.


  2. Are you socially awkward sometimes. This could be a situation where you are totally missing social cues she is giving telling you that she does not like you. Laughing over texts can be disingenuous and meaningless.

  3. well step up make the convo it means 2 things shes either mad at you or she has got feelings for u too so u need to start the convo

  4. some girls like you always making the first move which is just stupid in my opinion. drop a hint that you wouldnt mind her texting you first once in awhile and if she doesn’t get it,well she can always be a friend -_-

  5. Doesn’t look like she is into you dude.
    If she was, she would’ve definitely made an effort to call you (not text) or at lease talked to you at school. If she doesn’t do either, than she only makes u out as a temp friend.
    Forget about her.

  6. She’s waiting for you to make the first move. Why is this so hard to understand?

    Approach her about your feelings for her. Face-to-face, preferably not in a crowded school environment, and talk to her about that.

  7. If you guys have always done this. I would text her and say…
    Hey’ I don’t wanna be forward, but are you upset with me,or have I done anything
    If she is a good Friend she will respond because she will not want you to think
    such a thing.
    Just a suggestion.

  8. she is waiting for you to do all the work. Many girls are still living with the mind set that it is the guy’s job to keep talking to them and texting them. So, you want to talk to her… do it!! :))

  9. some people really don’t like their phones. they forget about them or put them on silent for school and forget to turn them back on. 🙂 don’t worry about it too much! she might just be one of those people. i have a lot of friends who do that. it takes them all day to reply to a text of mine 🙂 you could still call her up and talk to her, or talk to her in person and make a date together so you can talk to her outside of school ^_^

    GO FOR IT! 😀 dont waste time cuz she might be gone before you can get the courage to ask her out~

  10. Texting is lame. Don’t do it. Talk to her in person and act like a man. Girls want a man, not a boy.

  11. Maybe she’s noticed that you have started to develop feelings for her, girls play dumb and act like we don’t know because it’s easier than telling the guy “hey, so i know you have feelings for me” and sounding like an idiot. But girls always know. you say you have been best friends for a while, she knows you, and even if you think your attitude hasn’t changed towards her since you’ve gained these feelings, trust me it has.

    Now, as much as this isn’t what you want to hear, she doesn’t feel the same way, that is why she is being distant. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you any less than she used to (as a friend) it just means she doesn’t want to lead you on and the best way that she knows how is to give you distance.

    The best way for a male and female friendship to be destroyed is for one of them to fall in love with the other, and it always happens. But let me tell you now, it’s not like in the movies where the girl actually realizes that she is in love with the boy as well.

    If you care about this girl, you should try and move on, realize that she’s only a friend and will only ever be just a friend. As hard as that may be, it’s the only way to save your friendship.

    I’m so sorry to be the source of bad news, but i hope i have helped in some way.

    Good luck sweetie


  12. ooohhhh!! that’s so cute…

    why don’t you converse with her personally instead? some girls think texting involves only half the heart.. when a girl doesn’t text you and/or doesn’t talk to you it only mean two things: a. she doesn’t like you that much and feels weird whenever your near and tries to speak to her if this is true she will try and tell you, so ask her why or b. she likes you and turns shy. Fears maybe if you find out how she feels about you, you’d reject her (any form). or sometimes girls loves to test their men- how far would you go just to see her or have a chat with her.

    my advice is be aggressive and run for her. if you really like her, stand up in front of her and ask why the sudden change.. believe me when i tell you.. girls are romantic.. if she can’t tell you straightly why say that you like her. I think you can go from their…

    good luck!!!

  13. She’s probably waiting for you to text her. So I’d text her 🙂 I won’t text the guy I like…I hope he’ll text me

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