not the best person to text?

Question by Bob: not the best person to text?
So there’s this girl that I really like and I recently got her phone number, but after a few days I started to liked her. So we text but I feel as if I’m leading the conversation and she gets really boring over text but know I want to approach her and just talk to her in school but I feel as if I have nothing to talk about and I would also like to make her more active during texting any help would be fine

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Answer by Sparkly Catt
Oh this is tough. I'm a shit texter too lol. Just find out what she's really interested in and also ask questions about her. People like talking about themselves.

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  1. I am a girl that hates to text… and will be super boring while texting if the other person doesn’t keep the conversation going. With that being said I love when guys call me… and I am not boring to talk to in person either. If you are set on texting however, I would just ask questions… deep but not too deep and find what she is interested in. LIke Sparky Catt said people love talking about themselves especially girls! As her if she is close with her mom and dad… ask her what are some things she wants to do before she starts a family that is if she wants a family. As her deep things. What is something rough that she has experienced. If she could go back to one moment in her life to live again what would it be, is there anything she regrets. So on….

  2. Just casually say heey and then say you alright thats all you need to do then let he say hey to you first

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