Need girls opinion on texting.?

Question by Cheif_Ghost: Need girls opinion on texting.?
a few days ago, i asked a girl to hang out and she gave me her number. Since then we have been texting almost every day. I usually send the first text for the day, and she always keeps the conversation going. Its been going like this for about 3 days straight.

We eventually made plans to hang out, but thats not for a few days.
I want to keep texting her, every day if I can. Is that a bad idea? Would it be wrong for me to send another text tomorrow, and the day after just so I can talk to her more?

I just dont want to smuther her to much, but I want her to understand that I want to keep talking.

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Answer by strawberieKisses£CaramelWishes
go for it!
texting is alot easier then talking for most people
and if you guys have a conversation going through texting why stop
if she keeps answering back go ahead
if the conversation starts to get dull
then leave it for the day
but i say go ahead texting is easy and fun

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  1. Yes, keep texting her for sure, unless you get the vibe that she is feeling too smothered with your attention and she doesn’t like it. If she keeps replying to your texts it obviously means she wants to talk to you as well.
    Being a girl, I know that I would be very happy if a guy was actually taking time out of his day to talk to me and have me in his mind enough to be the first person to text me every day.

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