My boyfriend keeps flirting, texting and sexting girls :(?

Question by fade to black: My boyfriend keeps flirting, texting and sexting girls :(?
So my boyfriend and i have been together for over 2 years, we don’t really fight and i think we have a good relationship but he will not stop flirting, texting or sexting girls. like i have guy friends who i talk to and hang out with and i told him if you want to hang out with girls you are friends with that is fine but he tends to take it past the friend level. the girls often send him naked pictures and there conversations are very sexual and inappropriate for a guy with a girlfriend for 2 years. also he never tells any of the girls he has a girlfriend. like im not telling him to stop texting or hanging out with friends i just want him to keep it friendly. I do love him more then anything and we have been together for over 2 years, i just don’t know what to do.

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Break up with him or deal with it

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  1. look at the whole picture here would ya..the same think he’s doing with these other women, are the same things these men you hang out with are doing with you, or there wanting too, that’s the only reason why men hang out with go figure

  2. You’ve given him too much leniency, you have to start setting boundaries. This is not a sign of loyalty. Talk to him about it, and if he doesn’t change, give him an ultimatum.

  3. confront him. no good bf should be sexting other gals. you have been too easygoing, and he is taking advantage of you. tell him you want it to stop but he can hang out with them if he tells them he has a gal and introduces you. and he shouldn’t spend more time with his “friends” than u.

  4. Dump him obviously he isnt that into you cuz that is seriously fucked up. there is a line, he has crossed it!

  5. welll.. thats kind of messed ur for ur bf to do.. i honestly would say something to him. to get him back send naked pics to boys (idk if u will do that) lol (i wouldnt) but if u wanna get him back u should flirt with a boy.. whos that boy u hang out with as friends? say to him can u help me and ask him, to like flirt witth u and when ur bf sees the text messages he will bbe like wtf u doing?!!?! and u say im sorry its just that u do it to, u get nakked pics of girls and u dont tell them u have a gf… just say idk if thats a true bf

  6. Talk to him about it. Then dump him. If he’s doing that then maybe he is also having sex with other girls. You deserve someone better and who will actually treat you right.

  7. Stand your ground and tell him that you are not telling him to not have friends but the ones that are getting carried away need to go or he will. Simple and to the point.

  8. Sounds like you are in love with a player and a pervert. The fact he never tells he is in a relationship reminds me when married man lies he is single. He leave the cards open for other possibilities if you understand what I mean.

  9. sit him down and ask him if he still wants to be with you, if you hanging out with other guys bugs him, and if he loves you as much as you love him. I know that this will be hard to do but if it is possible try not to cry. explain to him that his relationship with other girls bothers you, and that the fact that he doesn’t tell other girls about you also bothers you. If he still continues to do it then you have to look at your relationship and decide just how much you love him and if he is worth the pain that this seems to be causing you. If he is not then you need to dump him.

  10. Personally, I feel that you’re boyfriend thinks he wears the pants in the relationship. Set down some ground rules, tell him that you’re okay with him texting other girls, and having other girls as friends, but you draw the line at sexting, you feel that it is unappropriate for him to be sexting other girls, and girls sexting him.

    You could maybe tell him: “You know we could sext, and it would actually go somewhere, unlike all the other sluts you sext”.

    That now tells him that you wear the pants in the relationship, and that you are in charge, also put some spice in sexlife, it sounds like he’s maybe getting bored.

  11. dumb this guys ass. he’s not worth it and after 2 years of going out with you, that is just disrespectful and he’s a total asshole. there are better guys out there. seriously, please dump this guy. he has no respect for you at all or for any of the other girls. He just wants to be a pimp or cool player so he looks cool and stuff. That kind of guy is not worth anyone’s time.

  12. don’t worry, everything comes with conversation !

    you say you don’t want to tell him to stop to keep him friendly ! right ? well it’s maybe time to tell him what you feel and if he loves you and shares the same feelings, then e’ll appreciate your opinion and feelings too ! that is away from the fact that sexting girls with a girlfriend is somehow strange

    yet again, don’t worry, it seems that you love each other, which shows that you know each other much and can reach to understand other’s needs

    good luck 🙂

  13. You need to say your goodbyes or you can keep being disrespected.He has no love for you if you
    have been together for 2 years.Why on earth would you have taken this for so long? Both of you don’t care for each others feelings.Being 2 years and each of you are talking with other people shows alot about where your relationship is headed.If you look at this your both having affairs with you both texting others.Why would you stay with a guy who gets naked pictures of girls.Have sexual conversations.This is so wrong and you need to gain strength and kick him to the curb.You need to work on your self esteem.Don’t you deserve a man that loves you and only you.Your man is not ready to settle down now or later.And to NOT acknowledge you as his girlfriend “that is the problem”.You gave the green light and he took it and knows that you will take all his junk.When you find someone else You both will have eyes for each other only.Yes you will have friends but these friends should know your partners.So you can stay or you can say so long partner and not waste
    anymore time.So you won’t miss your true prince.Wake up he’s only going to hurt youmore.

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