My boyfriend is texting another girl. should i trust him?

Question by : My boyfriend is texting another girl. should i trust him?
My boyfriend and I have been together 4 and a half years. The first 2 years were really rough. It was him stringing me along, could never decide whether he really wanted to be with me or not. He has chosen other girls over me several times. I would tell him if he didn’t stop talking to these other girls then I would break up with him and I was tired of being his second choice. And he would choose them. Even when I told him to get out of my life he always came back. Ok…having said that, we eventually sorted things out. He decided he wanted to be with me and we have been together straight for almost 3 years now. He has made so much progress and he is much different and a lot more caring. my question is…he has been texting this girl from work. I have confronted him about it before. The first time he got mad. And it took him forever for me to get it out of me that I still have trouble trusting him, I know no guy wants to have a jealous girlfriend. And I hate coming off that way but I feel also I have a good reason to be cautious. I just hate bringing it up but he has been texting her often and he rarely texts people. What should I do?
I should also add that another reason why I am suspicious is because everytime I hear him talk about this girl he says how much of a bimbo or a ***** she is. If that is the case why does he text her, almost flirting with her if that is what he really thinks? Thanks for the answers I’m just really confused.

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um.. first off I’d like to say just don’t worry about it never just get all upset when your guy is just talking or even texting another girl i mean if he ends up liking her more than you and going off with her than he’s not right for you and everything works it self out and if not than nothing happens so you shouldn’t worry about it. also its probably just a friend i have a lot of girls that im friends with who can be bit ch es
so yeah

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