my boyfriend is texting another girl, is he cheating?

Question by Brittanie: my boyfriend is texting another girl, is he cheating?
I noticed that my boyfriend this weekend was constantly texting this other girl when I was with him all weekend. I never actually read the texts but I noticed he was texting her the whole time. At one point I did see one text from her that said “I miss you times a thousand! :)” and when i saw it he grabbed his phone quickly. Later on when i casually asked him who he was texting he said his friend lauren but this was at 2am.. when i know it was that other girl because thats who he was talking to all day. I have no reason to not trust him its just the fact that he pulled his phone away so quickly when he saw that i saw the text from her. I always saw in the past that this same girl was drawling pictures for him and posting them on his facebook wall in the past 2 or 3 weeks and saying “this is why i didnt text you back! hehe” I want to ask him like what the deal is like if shes just a friend or something without automatically accusing him of cheating or anything. Does anyone have any ideas to how to go about it?

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Answer by Alex
Just because he is texting someone else it doesn’t mean he is cheating. If he was cheating he would blow you off and go hang with her instead. They are just friends it seems like.

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