My bf misses talking about hot girls?

Question by Haleyz:): My bf misses talking about hot girls?
My boyfriend has been really faithful and nice to me never talked about other girls being attractive. Then yesterday we talked about hanging out less to hang out with our other Friends. He said he misses talking about hot girls with his friends. I was offended because he tells me how I’m the most beautiful girl and how I’m perfect. Then he says something like that, I was so confused because now I feel like our relationship is fake cause I didn’t ever expect him to think that.

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Don’t trust guys

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  1. Yeah, that was not the smartest thing to say. I’m sorry he made you feel isolated, he should have known better than to say that in front of you.

    Not sure what the best thing to do next is, I might wait it out or talk to him about how that made you feel. The more you express, the more he will understand and if he really loves you he will be sensitive to your feelings.

  2. I think that guys talking about girls is sort of like girls talking about clothes, or make up, or something. Its a bonding thing, something he does when he hangs out with his best guy friends. He doesn’t have any feelings for those girls. Don’t take it personally.

  3. well i’m sure wen with his friends they talk bout things like tat but he never should have said tat directly to u, i would b offended and upset, and if hangin out less means him checkin out and talkin to other girls maybe wat he misses isnt his friends but girls and maybe ready to b single

  4. all men think other women are attractive, i mean its not like we have a program to tell us hey this is the ONLY girl you can be attracted to, hormones controls it, he can still love you and tell you this but he will always find other girls “hot”, dont worry about it, if he truly loves you, your relationship will prevail

  5. You know there’s only a few nice guys out there who say things and mean it ( “you’re the most beautiful girl” ). I say that to my girlfriend and since we’ve been going out I never looked at another girl in that way. He’s probably just going to leave you for a ” hot girl “. I don’t know what you look like but still.. if I were you I’d probably just let him go.

  6. Ah, i see. I understand how that can sort of be confusing seeming as he always treated you as number one and then wants to talk about other girls. All i can say is you can take things either one or two ways
    1. You can talk to him about it if it makes you feel uncomfortable to hear him talk about other girls. If he is really as faithful as you say he is then this shouldnt be a problem.
    2. You can just trust in him to leave it with talking. Just because he may say a girl is hot doesnt mean he doesnt think ur more beautiful. But this varies within what you can take and what you cant. But if you can then just trust that what he says wont mean anymore than that. just words.

  7. Let me break it down…

    He is a guy

    Guys = Stupid

    Guys say stupid things

    Guys say things they don’t mean

    Guys are animals

  8. Did he use a jokingly tone or something, cuz if he did he was obviosly kidding , but either way it goes, guys will be guys. and even if he was serious, he seems pretty commited and i dont think he would ever cheat on you. and i think its safe to say that you’ve thought that another guy was hot, but you wouldnt cheat, would you?

  9. When a guy uses extremes like “most beautiful” and “perfect”, he’s not being honest.

    To put it bluntly, he sounds like he’s interested in having fun and he’s afraid to tell you. Talk to him. If you disagree with each other about how serious/lenient you guys should be, then maybe your relationship should end.

  10. What i don’t understand is why girls get mad about stuff like that i mean u look at other guys subconscienely i mean of coarse hes going to think other girls are pretty he didn’t say they were prettier than u also he said they were hot not pretty a big difference plus he’s there with you and not with them granted he was wrong for not taking into consideration your feelings but theres going to be alot more tymes like that no matter what guy you date so if u realy like him give him sum freedom ima girl so u cant say i don’t understand but put ursel in his shoes dnt u lyk talking about the cute movie stars with ur girlfriends i know i do and u just have to stretch his leash

  11. almost all guys are like that and even though he says your th most beautiful he will still think some other girls are girls with guys even when we have a bf we still talk about cute guys

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