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Magnetic Messaging Review

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  • Take a few minutes and read this if you want to change your life!

A big thanks to Brandon for this Magnetic Messaging review. I know a lot of people can relate to his story about just being depressed and feeling hopeless. I hope it can motivate you. Remember if you want change the change needs to happen with you! That is the only way! Text messaging is the fastest growing form of communication. Just look at the numbers here Now check out Brandons’ review below.

I was a big socialite a few years ago and then when I lost my job, I went into depression and gained some terrible amount of weight. Overtime I saw myself becoming terribly unsocial. I was depressed and I had no luck with girls. After sometime of trying, I even stopped trying altogether.

However, after a couple of years, I got myself together and started losing weight. When I became ripped, I knew it was time to try my luck with girls. Initially I started going to clubs and managed to pocket a few numbers. However, I had no luck in getting a girl to come to my place.

I knew there was a problem and I had to do something about it. After researching on the internet, I came across something called “Magnetic Messaging”. Initially I thought it was a scam and nothing else but I thought I might as well try it to see if it works or not.

magnetic-messagingWhat is Magnetic Messaging?

  • Magnetic Messaging is a step by step guide for all those men who have trouble scoring luck with women. There are three steps involved in the process. The first step requires you to get in touch with a girl and send her a personal message. When I was trying my luck with girls, I never thought about this point. I always used to start a random conversation and talk about my gym routine and work routine. The reason why you are required to become emotional in the first message or you should make the message personal is that it helps in attracting the woman’s focus towards you.

The 3 Texts

  • I didn’t want to go through with all the three steps at once so I tried the first one and I have to admit that it worked really well. As compared to before, women were actually showing a genuine interest in me and my talk and I felt that connection building up instantly.
  • Once I noticed an improvement in how women were connecting with me, I moved on to the second stage. The second stage of Magnetic Messaging requires you to start bonding with the girl. After sending an emotional or personalized message, you should try to make the woman special. Every woman likes feeling special and that is what the second step of Magnetic Messaging focuses on. Previously, I never really thought about this. It seriously just didn’t come to my mind to make the woman feel special. I used to flirt with women and it came across; I guess they noticed that I was just flirting and wanted to score with them and nothing more.

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Make a Woman Feel Special!

  • However, with Magnetic Messaging, I started making women feel special after following through the first step properly. While most men usually start flirting right after they interact with a woman, Magnetic Messaging requires you to flirt with her AFTER you have formed a bond with her. Make her trust you and make sure she knows that she is someone special and not just another random girl.
  • I tried the first two steps with many women and it actually worked. However, I wanted to make sure I tried the third step with someone who I actually wanted to take home.

A few days ago, I met a beautiful woman at a bar and I knew I wanted her to come home with me. After exchanging numbers, I started with the first step, which was to form an emotional connection/bond with her. I knew it worked because she seemed really interested in me. I then moved on to the second step by making her feel “special”. Since every woman likes being treated that way, she felt even more attracted towards me; I could just feel it and when I knew it was time, I tried step 3, which was to get in her mind and make her want to sleep with me or go home with me. Previously, I used to immediately jump to flirting and ended up going home alone but after following the three Magnetic Messaging steps, a girl actually came back home with me. HA and this was all in the same night! Texting in the club! Crazy!!

It Works & I Found a Great Girl!

  • Magnetic Messaging actually works and if you have been facing a situation similar to mine, you should try it out. Luckily for me, Magnetic Messaging helped me get the girl of my dreams. It wasn’t just about scoring a night with this one; we actually bonded, slept together and have been dating ever since.

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