Jokes via a Text Message

Being funny doesn’t come natural to a lot of guys. But it is one of the easiest ways to get a girl’s attention if you can relate a funny story and get them to laugh with a joke. Telling a joke shows you have a sense of humor and might even be able to laugh at yourself. Having those abilities will make you more appealing to a girl because you aren’t a hard person and can be flexible and fun.

A girl does want to be taken care of but she also wants someone who has the ability to make her laugh. It doesn’t have to be a laugh fest every minute of every day, but having a sense of humor will go a long way towards building a relationship. Add a few jokes or something funny you can pull out of your back pocket if you should ever need it.

Some of my favorite text message jokes:

 1.  Why did Mickey break up with Minnie? Because Minnie was f’ng Goofy.

  • This joke is funny but it can also move the conversation to steamier topics that will also move the relationship along. You might only get a chuckle out of it at first but she might think about it and then a text might come back along these lines that pertain to you as a couple. It could bond you together and then that will move the relationship forward like you never expected.

2. What do you do when you come across a tiger in the jungle? Wipe him off and apologize.

  • This one should only be sent after you are comfortable with the girl and know when is comfortable with you. You don’t’ want to offend them with the joke, especially if they don’t get it. But it is also a subtle way to make them laugh and turn the conversation to more serious and steamier topics.  Don’t be afraid of sending a dirty joke because the girl might surprise you with a reply.

3.  How does Lady Gaga like her meat? RAH-RAH-RAH-AH-AW.

  • This one is funny, especially if they are a music lover. If someone isn’t in to pop music or even know who Lady Gaga is, then don’t bother. They won’t get it and you will feel stupid trying to explain the background and the punch line. Use only a joke you know or are pretty sure they will understand.

4. When does Sean Connery like to hit his balls? Tennish.

  • Sean Connery is one of the most impersonated people, so even if she never watched him as James Bond, she will probably know who he is and that he plays tennis. And with balls it could naturally take the conversation to…well, you can guess. It could be a conversation on the edge that leads to something more intimate being said between you two.

5. What does Snoop Dogg put on his whites? Bleeeea-tch.

  • Just like Lady Gaga’s joke, this one will only work if they are a rap fan and understand. They will get a laugh from it if they know the whole rap background and history of Snoop. If she doesn’t get it or know who Snoop Dogg is, then it might be time to consider if she has been hiding out in her apartment or she truly doesn’t know him. People who don’t get the icons of the day might be because they are holed up somewhere and not in reality. Could be a red flag to move on!

6.  What’s Snoop Dogg’s favorite kind of weather? Drizzle.

  • Again, see the answer above when you have to explain who Snoop Dogg is. He is funny and a cultural icon, so use him. You can gauge the girl’s sense of humor or even see if she is honest and admits if she doesn’t get it. This could also open up an avenue where you can communicate further by promising to text her a video or send her a Facebook link to a video so she does understand.

7. Haha, I made you look at your phone.

  • Elementary humor is always good for a chuckle as long as it isn’t overused. It could even start a conversation and get you a response. It is juvenile humor but don’t we all need to lighten up a little at times anyway? If she snaps back and calls you a child then it shows she doesn’t have a sense of humor and you might want to find someone who does. Jokes work both ways to detect who has a sense of humor and who needs to develop one a bit more.

8.  Why can’t Smokey the Bear’s wife get pregnant? Because when she’s in heat, he beats her with a shovel.

  • As long as there is no history of domestic abuse in her background, she might chuckle. But unless you know for sure, avoid this one until you are well along in a relationship and it won’t make her bust out in tears and remember an ex.

Short and to the point jokes can lighten a mood, make a person laugh or get a conversation rolling when used correctly. Don’t forget to use them as a tool to progress your contact with a girl.

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