Is this a good thing to text a girl?

Question by An Explosion of Flavor: Is this a good thing to text a girl?
If i just text a girl “hey whats up” is that too short or a good way to start a conversation?

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5 thoughts on “Is this a good thing to text a girl?”

  1. Its a good way to start a conversation in most instances the only problem with that is if she isn’t actually doing anything and she sends back “nothing much” its a definite conversation killer ha ha. However it does leave you the opportunity to ask if she wants to do something which is an added bonus. It would be better if you said “hey whats up? You okay today?” or something along those lines just so you have a definitely reply as well as something to text back when she replies! 🙂 x

  2. Yeah, it’s fine. I personally love when a guy starts a conversation without even saying hi, just stating something randomly or asking something. Just like “have you ever noticed how/that…” and fill in the rest.

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