Is this a cute thing to text a girl?

Question by Atomic111: Is this a cute thing to text a girl?
I would really like to text a girl I like but she is really shy and nervous so sometimes she doesn’t reply back. Would “Happy Turkey Day! Gobble gobble!” be something cute to send her? I just want her to reply back so we can keep in touch.

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Answer by MadiFitts123
no you fag! im just kidding happy turkey to you!!!! and yes i guess… if she is into that thing

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5 thoughts on “Is this a cute thing to text a girl?”

  1. Cheesy comments are a great way to break the ice. Plus if you do start dating (in the future) it serves as an inside joke which is great for bonding! Good luck.

  2. Ya thats cute mayb u wanna add somethink like this: i hope u and ur family have a wonderful thanksgiving!!… Idk cuz if a guy said that to me i would think he is sweet!! Hope i could help!! 🙂

  3. She would probably think its cute that your putting in effort to talk to her, but i think there are better waysss, like compliment her or something?:)

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