Is texting a girl everyday being too clingy?

Question by heyhelp: Is texting a girl everyday being too clingy?
Is texting a girl i like everyday since i got her number too clingy?

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5 thoughts on “Is texting a girl everyday being too clingy?”

  1. naaaaaaaaaah, I don’t see anything wrong wiff that.

    you should start sexting her ;P
    ahaha, just kidddding.

  2. It kind of depends on the person, how well you know her, whether or not she texts back, what she says in her replies, etc.

    For me, it wouldn’t become a problem unless a guy texts me like ten times a day if he didn’t get a response but it’s different for every girl. I’d say once a day should be fine for most girls though. :]]

  3. hmm….. well…. it can be a little overwhelming. Its nice to know that a guy is interested in you and wants to do something with the current relationship, but you need to know when to give it a break. Like, maybe text her one day and then give her a day or two, so she’ll be more excited to talk to you and you can have new and interesting things to talk about. Also, if you make her wait a day or so, and she likes you, she’ll probably be waiting for a text from you and will be really happy to talk to you when you finally do text her or call her. So basically, just give her a days break or something every once in a while. (Also, another sign that she is getting a little tired of your constant texting might be that she either ignores your texts, takes a lot longer than usual to respond, and seems more distant than she usually does with her conversation.) HOPE I HELPED! <3

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