Is it ok to talk to a girl who rejected you?

Question by m1: Is it ok to talk to a girl who rejected you?
Is it ok to be talk/text a girl who rejected you some time ago? Is it ok if i am just trying to be her friend and talk to her once in a while or will it seem awkward?

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Answer by perfectsinz786
Hell yeah there’s nothing wrong with unless she rejected yo in a mean way.

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  1. yes talk to her its ok haha a guy rejected me when i was in 10 grade but the next year when he was going to graduate he came back to me . so dont wrry man wat comes around goes around but dont end up with her because its not worth it get me its just that yes he cant back but we just made out and stuff so dont make it a big deal if she comes back get me . just be friends no big deal , if shes a big girl she will act good haha

  2. Sure! … That would be the mature thing to do. And, who knows, she may just see you in a whole new light and end up really liking you.

  3. It depends. Make it clear that you’re just trying to be her friend. Otherwise, she may thing you’re hitting on her, and if she isn’t interested in that kind of relationship with you then she will probably get irritated.

  4. of course, why wouldn’t it be?
    and i think everything will be okay if you keep it friendly, try and remind yourself
    that she doesn’t like you like that, so you don’t gain feelings for her again and end up hurt.
    and if she ends up liking you, there’s no problem in giving her another chance.
    She might just have realized what she lost, and she’s trying to get you back.. 😀

  5. Of course it’s okay! I just rejected a guy and now he’s ignoring me and talking about me behind my back instead of trying to make things normal again. Just put forth the effort to be friends and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

  6. It’s okay to do so, but make sure it doesn’t come across as you still trying to get with her…”no means no” but that doesn’t mean you cannot have any type of relationship at all…so approach the situation carefully, and make sure she knows you aren’t pressuring her to go out with you, but would like to see if friendship is possible…

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