Is it normal for 8 year old boys to text dirty to girls?

Question by s.place_04: Is it normal for 8 year old boys to text dirty to girls?
My nephew recently got caught by my sister (his mom) texting a girl his age about sex and we found a boobie book in his room that he made. Are these common behaviors for boys his age?

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Answer by Jeans+Tee+Hoodie
no they should never be doing this stuff in fact you should ground him

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  1. It might be somewhat normal i guess things are starting earlier these days. but the texting is not good at all especially if the girls parents reads the texts. I guarantee he learned it at school from a little older kids. Its normal for them to be curious but not to act on it like the texts.

  2. It is kind of normal. The sex not really but about the boobs that is normal. the sex is probably something he learned on tv and he probably dosnt really know about it maybe your sister should talk to him

  3. Not normal

    Why in the world would you give an 8yo a phone in the first place.

    People are out of control, and we wonder why we cant control our kids in schools.

    Stop throwing money at your kids for their appreciation. Start with discipline and morals and the importance of an education.

    Take the phone away, monitor time on the PC and you would not have these problems.

    Be a parent not a friend.

  4. why the hell does the sex trophy have a cell phone. You need to talk to your sister about taking that cell phone away until he grows up a little. Cell phones arent toys. What the hell is wrong with your sister? No, it is not common behavior. 8 year olds should not know about sex or be approaching girls in that manner. If they are, it is a clear indication of sexual abuse in the childhood. Start looking at the father, other uncles, a grandparent, or a male teacher. Get the kid into some sort of therapy. And, I can not stress enough, take the cell phone away. At least until he is in HS. 8 year olds with cell phones… wtf

  5. No, that’s not normal. If he’s drawing titties and talking about sex, then that obviously means that he’s watching it, doing it or someone is talking to him about it explicitly. True, I’ve seen little boys pinch girls on their butts or something innocent like that, but texting a girl about sex, never seen that.

  6. no its not hes 8

    there has to be something wrong

    my aunt is a doctor….. i no

    now wen he hits like 10 maybe yea thats okay but now i am not to sure

  7. 8 years old, probably 4th grade? It’s certainly a bit young to be doing that, but probably normal. 4th grade is when our elementary schools teach the girls about menstruation, and 5th is when the boys and girls have the first of their “sex ed” type classes.

    My kindergartner came home asking about my husbands penis, because they were teaching her about private parts in school. We explained to her that it isn’t nice to talk about that in public, and if she has questions, she should ask me or her father in private.

    But, he’s probably hearing about these things in school, he may or may not understand it, but he hears about it, thinks it’s funny, cute, whatever, so he says it.

    Oh, and people, the cell phone is not this issue here.

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